Using Technology and Education to Help Nature

Makingpi is a passionate group of ecologists, educators and technologists committed to using our skills to help nature in this critical time. Our technology and educational projects promote an understanding and engagement in nature.

What We Do

We create great nature education projects for schools. See our groundbreaking work on hedgehogrepublic.

We create technology to monitor nature such as our NASA style hedgehog feed stations and tracking tunnels. The Local Nature Watch project used mass video recording of nature to engage communities.

We use the power of game design to engage people with ecological issues.

Meet us better

Hedgehog Republics


households per month


School children


acres sustained

10 events

community engagement

Technology For Nature

Our engineers work with young students to develop professional grade technology which will improve the monitoring of nature. Small batch runs of our equipment are produced in conjunction with Hackspace Foundation. We offer

  • R&D
  • Production
  • Field Trials
  • Cost Effective Development