We have been very active in the last year here is a showcase of our projects:

Hedgehog Republic

The hedgehog republics join gardens together and closely monitor the hedgehogs helping to maintain and grow the populations. The republics have a number of the hogbox stations which record the weight, id, sound, video and temperature. This data is immediately shared on our web portal allowing the local community to develop a strong protective bond to their local hedgehog community.

The local primary school children run the hedgehog republics as part of their curriculum.  This allows them to use what they have learnt to help their local hedgehogs.  They become ambassadors for the hedgehog republic. The ambassadors help to promote safe gardening practices and tunnels through fences.

We now have 3 hedgehog republics up and running in the Gloucestershire area.

Hedgehog Feed Stations

The hogbox is a sophisticated system designed to monitor the hedgehog either as a feeding station or as a resident. It is equipped with a camera, microphone, rfid reader, temperature inside and out and weight.  The information is sent directly to web portal which records all the data ( Hedgehog live). 

Hedgehog Tunnels

We have developed hedgehog tunnels for Nottingham Trent University to read pit tags as hedgehog move between gardens. The equipment can be deployed with a solar panel for months at a time or by battery power for 2 week stretches.

Local Nature Watch

We use our large collection of trail cams to create video diaries of local areas. This autumn we deployed 35 cameras in the Stroud area to tell a story of all the wildlife in the area. This is captured on our geo-locating app.

Working with young people in area we embellished the videos with poetry.

Outdoor classroom & bird hides

All through lock down we have been busy building outdoor classrooms and bird hides for various schools. Some of our projects can be seen here:

Conservation Gaming

We have found a holistic way of delivering the primary school computing curriculum while developing an understanding of hedgehog conservation. Our work on this programme has lead to a regional roll out of the program to hundreds of students during the lock down period.

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