Art Maths has been around for as long as Maths has been around.  In Ancient Greece the study of geometry brought us all those brilliant tessellated pottery designs and mosaics.  Their architecture is an attempt to reflect the purity of Euclidean geometry and their belief in perfect proportions is embodied in the golden mean.


We like Art-Maths because it is beautiful and fun.  It gives students a way into Maths which is not about wrong or right, but about discovery.  In Art-Maths the shape of Maths is explored rather than the focus being on a singular solution.  Our philosophy is to make Maths more attractive to young minds.


We offer great workshops to allow schools to integrate Art-Maths into the Curriculum.  Under development is a library of best practice.

Some of the ideas I like are shown below

Multiplication Art – a funny diagram for each times table.  This is like fractal art.  image004
3D Paper Shapes – There are a million resources for this activity and all students should get a chance to make them  paper 3d model
3D Paper Shapes – Shapes made with sticks and Plasticine enable a different level of exploration  shapes with sticks
Crazy times table creations – just a fun way for making them more grippy  image005
Discover Multiplication and Division facts through city Maths  image006
Number Bond Art  image007
Creating symmetry patterns by cutting up shapes  image008
Centimeter curves – create curves with decreasing strips of paper  image009
Creating curves with paper – explore folding and pattern formation  image010
Symmetry Art  image011
Explore rotational symmetry through making shapes  image012
Fraction Art – subdividing anything and everything into fraction tiles can create beautiful designs.  image013
Explore Mystic Rose as the interactions between students  image014
Ratio Art- make ratio designs  image015
Square Number Art – explore square numbers and area  image016
Curve stitching – can make beautiful art forms and explore very complex maths functions  image017
Maze Art – investigate algorithmic thinking to solve  image018
Cube Art – finding volume, cubic numbers  image019
Straight Line Art- do this on Cartesian coordinates and study different gradients or angles  image020
Art – Maths with LOGO is great fun  image021
Art-Maths programming scratch  image022
Using Robots to draw big patterns  image023
Exploring Perspective – crazy perspective  image024
Creating art from the Fibonacci series  image025
Developing concentric circle art is a great way to learn about circumference  image026
Knot theory with doodle maths  image027
Pythagoras trees are a fun way to build up the idea.  image028
Quadratic Equation Art can just play with the beautiful form of the curve  image029
Explore making hyperbolic curves  image030
Exploring the sum to infinity of fraction series  image031


Math Art: Hands-On Math Activities for Grades 2, 3, and 4 [Paperback]

Zachary J. Brewer (Author)

Good Websites

Mathematics in Art & Architecture


Vi Hart

nrich Art ideas

Maths craft

Mathisfun – good symmetry drawing program

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