Using Maths to Create Space Games

Game Programming using Maths – Module 1 Algebra & Space Travel     Free pilot studies  – contact   Space Exploration Project 1 Level 4 Time : 1 hour Beginners Scratch The students create a game to explode alien invasion craft in space.  They have to guess the coordinates and then if successful fireContinue reading “Using Maths to Create Space Games”

Clever Clever Koreans

Elementary Electronics! Those clever clever Koreans!  They have started making electronics a part of their elementary education.  No wonder my Samsung is so good (sorry apple users). This is one of their LEGO electronic models they built.  Oh, by the way they even make the LEGO brick because they are out of patent. Long liveContinue reading “Clever Clever Koreans”

Scratch & Maths – I love it!

In one of my lessons last night, a brilliant student called Ben developed a Maths game to teach angles.  It was nice and simple; even so it had my own 12 and 13 year old playing it for 1 hour.     Ben applied Maths in the following area without noticing it: 1. Rotation andContinue reading “Scratch & Maths – I love it!”

Logo & Rotation Lesson Shared

This first resource is teaching Rotation and LOGO at Level 3 & 4.  It brings the Programming and Maths side of the new UK curriculum together. We are looking for a way of sharing our resources so that they are immediately usable by other educators.  It is also an attempt to expand the boundaries ofContinue reading “Logo & Rotation Lesson Shared”