Teaching Angles Through Logo Board Game

Yes, I know that we could go straight to the screen and play with LOGO.  However young minds are so impressionable and it is our responsibility to give them as many possilbe learning avenues.  That is why Rob and I are piloting the use of learning LOGO programming on physical boards. It introduces angles atContinue reading “Teaching Angles Through Logo Board Game”

Robot Olympics a Huge Success

The robot olympics run by our sister organisation were a huge success.  Here is a post  about the course: The  courses were run at Deer Park, Marling, The Crypt and Balcarras Schools. This is what the students had to say: “It should be longer”, “This course was amazing”,”This taught me so much about coding”, “IContinue reading “Robot Olympics a Huge Success”

Robot Academy Starts Rolling out Great Education

  We have launched Robot Academy to support the learning of the skills needed for the future Scientists and Engineers. Please check out our sister site: http://www.robotacademy.co.uk This work has grown from our work in schools with Robots and Maths.  It is clear that young people want to engage and become makers with the wonderfulContinue reading “Robot Academy Starts Rolling out Great Education”

Creating Computer Games with Maths

Computer games – some people like them and some people hate them (usually parents).  However at Gastrells Primary School the students  make computer games.  These computer games  have a difference, the student design them to teach Maths.  The first project they undertook was the development of their own coordinate game. This was so successful thatContinue reading “Creating Computer Games with Maths”

Thrupp School Maths and Robots

Thrupp Primary School had a wonderful time exploring Maths and Robots just before half term.  The year 3/4 class got to grips with space travel, angle rotation and distance through a fantastic exploration project.  The parents were amazed to find their children learning angle work, which is often taught at year 6.   My deepestContinue reading “Thrupp School Maths and Robots”