Using Maths to Create Space Games

Game Programming using Maths

– Module 1 Algebra & Space Travel



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Space Exploration Project 1

Level 4

Time : 1 hour

Beginners Scratch


The students create a game to explode alien invasion craft in space.  They have to guess the coordinates and then if successful fire the rocket.  The creation of this game teaches the following Maths:


Coordinates in 4 quadrants



Space Exploration Project 2

Level 5

Time : 1 hour

Beginners Scratch


The students create a game to move rocket launches along the y axis and program in a line to fire at the alien invasion craft.  The students focus on the following Maths:

·         x-y coordinates

·         y = n lines



Space Exploration Project 3

Level 5

Time : 1 hour

Beginners Scratch


The students create a game where they have to shoot the aliens along an x = n line.  The Maths used in this section is:

·         Coordinates

·         x=n lines




Space Exploration Project 4

Level 5 -6

Time : 2 hours

Intermediate Scratch


The aim of this game is rotating through 360 and shooting incoming spaceship.  This is an introductory Maths Scratch project which creates a game to teach angle recognition.  It teaches the following maths:

·         Coordinates in 4 quadrants

·         Rotation through 360 degrees

·         The use of random functions to set game initial conditions e.g. random coordinates and random angles


Space Exploration Project 5

Intermediate level knowledge of Scratch

Level 6 -7

Time: 2 hours



Develop an Asteroid Game with an ability to shoot asteroids out of space.  The students will program the game assets to:

·         Set asteroids on a collision course with earth ( gradient calculations)

·         Program missiles using y=mx+c

·         Set assets randomly on y/x axis

This is a fantastic project for using and applying. 


Space Exploration Project 6

Intermediate level knowledge of Scratch

Level 6 -7

Time: 2 hours


Develop a game to escape from a black hole.  The ship is caught in a black hole and is being drawn (y=x2 ) into the centre.  You have  to capture frozen  water to give you enough energy to escape raising you to new trajectories ( y =  x2 + 1…).  However if you capture non water mass you will accelerate your decline ( y = 2x2).

·         Learn the shape of the y=x2

·         Learn how it can be shifted in the form y =  x2 + n

·         Learn how it can be shifted in the form y = nx2



Space Exploration  Project 7

Intermediate level knowledge of Scratch

Level 7 – 8

Time: 2 hours



Develop a space travel program.  This requires the student to cross vast areas of space using trigonometry to calculate distance and fuel usage.  The maths taught in this project is:

·         Trigonometry to calculate the hypotenuse

·         Compound measures fuel/dist

·         Algebraic substitution

Space Exploration Project 8

Intermediate level knowledge of Scratch

Level A to A*

Time: 3 hours



Develop a game to intercept incoming rockets and program another rocket to exactly meet the incoming missile.  The intercept missile equation is different each time and so you have to find a generic solution for simultaneous equations.  The Maths used in this project is:

·         Simultaneous equations

·         Algebraic fractions

·         Pythagoras

·          Speed distance time calculations


Space Exploration Project 9

Intermediate level knowledge of Scratch

Level A to A*

Time: 3 hours


Escape attack by creating a special evasion program using sin(x) and shifted nxsin(x+a)

·         Y=mx+c lines

·         Sine curves

·         Shifts on the sine curve




Scratch & Maths – I love it!

In one of my lessons last night, a brilliant student called Ben developed a Maths game to teach angles.  It was nice and simple; even so it had my own 12 and 13 year old playing it for 1 hour.

image002 image004


Ben applied Maths in the following area without noticing it:

1. Rotation and angles

2. Algebra  formula

3. Coordinates and using random numbers

4. Working out the hit zone needed a nice bit of sectors of a circle

More adventures in gaming to follow.

Logo & Rotation Lesson Shared

This first resource is teaching Rotation and LOGO at Level 3 & 4.  It brings the Programming and Maths side of the new UK curriculum together.

We are looking for a way of sharing our resources so that they are immediately usable by other educators.  It is also an attempt to expand the boundaries of what can be done for free on Google drive.  Any comments gratefully received.

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