We Need More Physical Models in Maths

The KS1 section of the Primary curriculum is rich with resources.  Children learn with cubes, Cuisenaire rods, beads and much more.  However in KS2 we reduce the physical aids used in Maths for greater use of worksheets and computers.  We think this is a mistake and there is a need for greater use of equipment throughout  KS2 and into KS3.  This would enable students to make concrete their learning over a greater time.  The first idea is developing a single resource which could be used for KS2

The LEGO Maths Board

This has led me to explore the use of a LEGO BOARD for mathematical operations from multiplication to algebra.  Here is a sketch up of what the board could look like:

lego board

There is a growing group of teachers using LEGO as a teaching aid for Maths.  The photo gallery shows some of the projects being undertaken.



5 x 8 lego lego series number bonds square

If you would like to be part of a group developing this idea drop me a line.

LEGO Using and Applying

We have also found LEGO to be a great resource for exploring Using and Applying problems.  Some of the projects we have found particularly successful are:

1. Area and perimeter through house building

2. Ratio through building structures with different coloured bricks

3. Functional Skills around construction materials

4. Tower constructions  around measure and weight

5.Creating city environments to explore time and algebra

6. Algebra problems based on constructions made with different types of brick

7. Construction of a LEGO lift to deal with negative numbers

8. Construction fun through plans and elevations

KNEX System for Teaching Maths

KNEX has the advantage of mimicking how structures are created in the real world.  It has a useful property of being able to construct at 90 and 45 degree angles.  The KNEX team has also been active in trying to tailor exact subject specific learning resources.  The following is just a few examples of what can be done with KNEX:

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