We are a diverse range of professional working together to improve the level of engagement in Maths. We believe passionately in bringing back the Love for Maths.

Gabriel Kyne BSc(eng), MSc, CEng, IChemE, QTS, MSCD

Gabriel is a professional  Engineer, Artist, Software Developer and Maths Teacher.  He believes passionately in education, especially of Maths.  As a Director of Numeracy at Springfields Academy he was instrumental in developing an engaged Maths Curriculum.

He is now dedicated to expanding these ideas to ensure other students benefit from engaged Maths teaching.  The ideas of connecting Maths to kinaesthetic learning are particularly close to his heart.



Rob Kempner

An experienced Headteacher with more than 20 years of promoting Maths in Primary education.  Rob is a creative educational consultant assisting schools in their Literacy, Music and Mathematical curricula.  He is  a leading light in the development of the Music provision throughout Gloucestershsire.  His creative background is complimented by a deep understanding about how children learn Maths.


dawnsquaresDawn Morgan BA, MA

Is an international dance teacher with a deep understanding of movement education. She has worked in the area of movement for the last 30 years and her work is highly respected.  However it is her passion for education which has drawn her into makingpi with a mission to bring movement and Maths together.



David McMahon BA(Hons) PGCE MA NPQH FRSA FCMI – Trustee

David McMahon is an experienced Headteacher of a large Special School for children with behavioural, emotional, and social difficulties in the West Midlands. He is a registered Additional Inspector with Ofsted. He is particularly interested in improving life chances for young people who have experienced disadvantage.


Simon_Collingridge_partner_Sherbornes_Solicitors_LLPSimon Collingridge – Trustee

Simon is an employment lawyer who is well known for his practical and down to earth approach to resolving disputes. He is a partner at the region’s highly regarded firm of specialist employment lawyers, Sherbornes Solicitors LLP.
Simon always struggled with mathematics as a young person. He thinks that the reason for this came down to the way that it was taught to him at school and the fact that it was never really “brought to life” for him. This probably closed off some very interesting avenues he could have gone down in life. He therefore feels very passionate about the work that makingpi is doing. It will change peoples’ lives for the better by making learning maths much more fun, thereby opening up a world of opportunities for those that have the good luck to come into contact with it.

Doug Janke-Pearson – Trustee

Doug Janke is Head of Fundraising at Burma Campaign UK , a consultant for The Mango Tree Orphan Support Programme and provides support and advice to other not-for-profit organisations.  He has 20 years experience in fundraising, campaigning, communications, capacity building and governance both within and outside the UK.
He is passionate about education, rights based approaches and development. In his spare time he enjoys his family, cryptic crosswords, playing music and community politics.

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