The Maths explore is a series of  carefully crafted projects to engage students in Maths.  It builds on the best principles of project based learning giving the students a “rich hands on”  environment to both  develop mathematical concepts and apply them.  Through these projects both teachers and students learn new resources and methods for mathematical application.

Module 1 LEGO Maths


LEGO Maths is a revolutionary system of maths boards created to teach the fundamentals of maths through building with LEGO. National Curriculum level 1 to 5 ( KS1 & KS2)

 Module 2 Outdoor Maths

Outdoor maths is a series of  projects designed to allow classes to get outside and learn about Maths. National Curriculum level 1 to 7

Module 3 Investigation Maths

This is an exceptional resource which dovetails into the national curriculum.  It was developed by Black Douglas Professional Education Services and has a considerable international following

National Curriculum KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4

Module 4 Maths & Robotics A

Students with Pro-Bot

Explore with programmable robots  how maths really works. Drive through cities and build cranes to explore subjects from geometry to algebra.

National Curriculum level 3 to 6


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