The Pro-Bot floor robot is an inexpensive system which is based on the logo programming language.  It is the natural step up from BeeBot and expands a lot of the familiar programming systems.  The system can not only be programmed as a robot to react to control signals  but it has the added advantage of giving accurate drawings of its journey.

code for probot

We are developing a combined KS2 ICT and Maths curriculum to expand the use of Pro-Bot.  This is presently in the pilot phase and should be ready by March 2014.

ProBot Maths Projects presently covers most of the KS2 Maths curriculum.  An example of the lesson concepts under development are shown below:

Maths with Pro-Bot [Autosaved]

Time Tables


If you are interested in being involved in the pilot please give Gabriel a ring on 07841 593651.  I look forward to hearing from you.

A good supplier for Pro-Bots is

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