We have been very active in the last year here is a showcase of our projects:

Hedgehog Republic

hedge hog republic

The hedgehog republic is the idea that by joining gardens together and closely monitoring the hedgehogs we will be able to maintain and grow the populations. The republics will have a number of the hogbox stations which record the weight and appearance of the hedgehog. This data will be immediately shared on the web portal allowing the local community to develop a strong protective bond to their local hedgehog community.


The local primary school children run the hedgehog republics as part of their curriculum.  This will allow them to use what they are learning to help their local hedgehogs.  They will become ambassadors for the hedgehog republic. The ambassadors will help to promote safe gardening practices and tunnels through fences. For further information see the information pack.


Hedgehog Feed stations

The hogbox is a sophisticated system designed to monitor the hedgehog either as a feeding station or as a resident. It is equipped with a camera, microphone, temperature inside and out and weight.  The information is sent directly to web portal which records all the data ( Hedgehog live). 

Hedgehog Tunnels

We have developed hedgehog tunnels for Nottingham Trent University to read pit tags as hedgehog more between gardens. The equipment can be deployed with a solar panel for months at a time or by battery power for 2 week stretches.

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Our interest is to create a brilliant practical applied maths programme for teaching students who struggle with engaging in Maths. Our interests range from building bridges to making beautiful silver objects.

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