Allotment Maths

See the NCETM website After months of planning I eventually succeeded in creating an allotment in the grounds of St Joseph’s primary school. As Yr 6 teacher & Numeracy Coordinator I wanted to make concrete links for children between numeracy skills & the outdoor environment. Previous to starting the project the children Investigated the dimensionsContinue reading “Allotment Maths”

Angles in Nature

Outdoor Maths: Looking at different angles in nature CreativeLearning Recently, I observed a super lesson about angles. I knew things were looking up the moment I arrived in the classroom. To begin with, the teacher had this written on her board: If you look, the focus is on the maths. Very often, teachers assumeContinue reading “Angles in Nature”

Stick Logic

CreativeLearning 26 JANUARY 2013 · 4 COMMENTS in EARLY YEARS OUTDOORS, MATHS OUTDOORS, URBAN One ongoing challenge for teachers is ensuring that children who finish earlier than others have something meaningful to move onto. There’s lots of possibilities outside and this stick activity is one such example. It can be completed in pairs or by children working alone. ItContinue reading “Stick Logic”

Scale and Patterns with Sticks

Scale and Geometric Patterns with Sticks Creative Learning 3 MAY 2011 · 2 COMMENTS in MATHS OUTDOORS Last week I was visiting a school where the P5-7 class had just begun to look at scale. This is a super topic that lends itself naturally to outdoor work. With the Scottish experiences and outcomes, there is no mention ofContinue reading “Scale and Patterns with Sticks”

Leaf Logic – Creative Learning

Leaf logic is ane exercise where the srudents agther as many different possible leaves.  Then they try and form a Caroll diagram to sort the properties: With older kids two way tables can be used to get more criteria. Read the original at Building on this idea you could look at leaves and the numberContinue reading “Leaf Logic – Creative Learning”

Symmetry Outdoor Maths – Creativelearning

Get out with a camera and find as many examples of symmetry as possible.  Then come back and classify them into how many lines of symmetry. The quest can have points based on the number of lines of symmetry found.  There are some really good sorting apps for phones see the whole thing on JulietContinue reading “Symmetry Outdoor Maths – Creativelearning”

Outdoor Maths Kits Gets You Started

There are a lot of ways of doing Maths outside the classroom.  However the main problem is getting out of the classroom.  There are no prizes for having a class full of kids running round outside  – other than a group of kids highly motivated! This outdoor Maths game kit is excellent for providing 30Continue reading “Outdoor Maths Kits Gets You Started”

Compasses Are Just Great

I think in terms of introducing angles compass work is a great route. Games can be created round compasses where 3 students stand at the centre and the whole class has to stand at different positions.  Every time the students guess an angle that is right the whole class can move.  The person whose positionContinue reading “Compasses Are Just Great”