Clinometer Excellent for Outdoor Work

When exploring angles a Clinometer can be an excellent tool.  They are relatively cheap and they give  really useful reading from which children can draw triangles from the observer to a tree. Concepts which can be investigated are: 1.The angle need to build a flying fox.  Then constructing a drawing of the flying fox. 2.Continue reading “Clinometer Excellent for Outdoor Work”

Map Reading Adventures

Simple Map Adventures Map adventures are a great way for to develop Maths.  At essence the students are using compass directions and map reading to get between points of clues.  The clues of course can be embedded Maths problems. Expedition Planning An expansion of this idea is the development of an expedition where the studentsContinue reading “Map Reading Adventures”

Bird table visitors

  Following this weekend’s Great Garden Birdwatch and with Spring just around the corner (I’ve always been an optimist), it might be opportune to set up a bird table or bird feeder(s) within sight of a classroom window to do a bit of statistical analysis on the avian visitors. The most interesting investigations are those which seekContinue reading “Bird table visitors”

Where Maths Grows on Trees

Where Maths Grows on Trees Find out how one school in Morocco is using a grove of olive trees planted in their school playground to teach students about maths. The students care for the trees, harvest the oil, visit the camel-driven olive press and sell the resulting oil in their local market, all using maths. ThisContinue reading “Where Maths Grows on Trees”

Allotment Maths

See the NCETM website After months of planning I eventually succeeded in creating an allotment in the grounds of St Joseph’s primary school. As Yr 6 teacher & Numeracy Coordinator I wanted to make concrete links for children between numeracy skills & the outdoor environment. Previous to starting the project the children Investigated the dimensionsContinue reading “Allotment Maths”