Creating Computer Games with Maths

Computer games – some people like them and some people hate them (usually parents).  However at Gastrells Primary School the students  make computer games.  These computer games  have a difference, the student design them to teach Maths.  The first project they undertook was the development of their own coordinate game. This was so successful thatContinue reading “Creating Computer Games with Maths”

Thrupp School Maths and Robots

Thrupp Primary School had a wonderful time exploring Maths and Robots just before half term.  The year 3/4 class got to grips with space travel, angle rotation and distance through a fantastic exploration project.  The parents were amazed to find their children learning angle work, which is often taught at year 6.   My deepestContinue reading “Thrupp School Maths and Robots”

Using IO Boards for Scratch

Scratch is just great for teaching programming right up to about 14 years old. The normal game projects can be extended by using interface boards.  The first board I like is the Pico board which can be shown in this video: These can be obtained online from S4A is a Scratch modification that supports simpleContinue reading “Using IO Boards for Scratch”

Robots and Maths at Primary

There are a number of different robots available for maths at the Primary level.  They teach sequential logic, counting and turning.  The resources can be extended further by imaginative use of mats to include time based problems. The two systems I like are Bebot and Bigtrack.  The big track has a great expansion capacity andContinue reading “Robots and Maths at Primary”

robotics teaching tips

This comes from Lego and is really useful as a guide: Robotics Teaching Tips Options ‎10-31-2013 04:18 PM Robotics Teaching Tips – John Heffernan In this section, I pass along some teaching tips and other observation from teaching robotics for eight years. Kids very aware of their schoolwork and teacher’s methods.  Be thoughtful about your methodsContinue reading “robotics teaching tips”