Times Tables Via LEGO

1. Show and build

Aspects of times tables encourage the students to add in blocks of 8 and look for patterns

2. Partner Work as a system of testing

This is 3d version of times table testing done in pairs.  However the twist interests students:

3. Times Table Model Partner Qiz.

Make a model  of the times tables which muddle the order and force the student to explore to find the answer can encourage retention.  The partner then asks questions and the student has to explore the model to find answers.

4. Explore and Build

Pose problems with in the times table youa re studying that the student have to build.  Can you build a square out of 4×8?  The puzzles can be open or closed.

Published by makingpi

Our interest is to create a brilliant practical applied maths programme for teaching students who struggle with engaging in Maths. Our interests range from building bridges to making beautiful silver objects.

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