Linking Cubes Still Great

These have been with us for a great deal of time.  However a revisit of this tried and tested resource is overdue. The cube sets be used to explore the following problems really well: Primary: number bonds, counting, area squares and rectangles, basic volume Secondary: plan, side and elevation drawing, cube and square numbers, volumeContinue reading “Linking Cubes Still Great”

In Search of Real Data – Thermometers

 From about £4 Thermometer work can be a really interesting way of discovering the school grounds and rooms.  Taking measurements through out the school can lead to the development of heat maps.  Other questions which it can raise are: Where is the most heat being used? Where would be the warmest place outside for aContinue reading “In Search of Real Data – Thermometers”

In Search of Real Data – Forehead Thermometers

I have used these little strips for measuring temperature after exercise of after being outside.  You can get the students to hold their breath and for short periods to see if they an raise the temperature.  Once again results can be processed in the normal way. Another alternative is to create a heat map ofContinue reading “In Search of Real Data – Forehead Thermometers”

In Search of Real Data – Stop Watches

Measuring and thinking mathematically about a problem is crucial part of Maths education. However often we do not collect enough real interesting data  to capture the students imagination.  The following basic tools can be used to gain data which will motivate students: 1. Stop Watches These can be used for a whole load of timeContinue reading “In Search of Real Data – Stop Watches”

Times Tables Via LEGO

1. Show and build Aspects of times tables encourage the students to add in blocks of 8 and look for patterns 2. Partner Work as a system of testing This is 3d version of times table testing done in pairs.  However the twist interests students: 3. Times Table Model Partner Qiz. Make a model  ofContinue reading “Times Tables Via LEGO”

Lego Based Maths Reviewed

This is a review of the potential of using lego to build a maths curriculum: 1. The use of simple blocks and models to create primary lessons There is a huge room for use of Lego in the primary curriculum.  It needs structuring a nd codifying but I think it could be a real hit.Continue reading “Lego Based Maths Reviewed”