Map Reading Adventures

Simple Map Adventures

Map adventures are a great way for to develop Maths.  At essence the students are using compass directions and map reading to get between points of clues.  The clues of course can be embedded Maths problems.

Expedition Planning

An expansion of this idea is the development of an expedition where the students have to work out their budget, timetable, provisions and risk assessments.  They then present this in a report for approval.  Once approved the expedition is carried out.

Map and Model 

This is nice activity where students investigate an area and then build a scale model of the area taking into account buildings and greenery.  This can be nicely achieved using lego boards and moss to represent greenery.  This teaches scale and map reading.

This can also be done outside by shaping the contours in the earth.

Coordinate Maps

Create a map of the school and overlay it on a coordinate grid.  Then create a trail using photographs and get the students to identify the coordinate points.


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Our interest is to create a brilliant practical applied maths programme for teaching students who struggle with engaging in Maths. Our interests range from building bridges to making beautiful silver objects.

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