Teaching Angles Through Logo Board Game

Yes, I know that we could go straight to the screen and play with LOGO.  However young minds are so impressionable and it is our responsibility to give them as many possilbe learning avenues.  That is why Rob and I are piloting the use of learning LOGO programming on physical boards.

It introduces angles at level 3  ( rt90, lt90, lt45, rt45, lt180, rt180) and also level 3/4 algebra in the form of fd [ ? ].   The forward and backward value is rolled via a dice nicely introducing variables without being too explicit.

logo board

Download the resources and give us your feedback:

Teaching LOGO on Boards

” making through maths “

Published by makingpi

Our interest is to create a brilliant practical applied maths programme for teaching students who struggle with engaging in Maths. Our interests range from building bridges to making beautiful silver objects.

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