Thymio II

I was really interested when I stumbled across this robot. This floor robot has the greatest functionality of all floor robots with an extension programming language which makes it suitable for KS5 work.  I think this should be explored as a KS3 to KS4 programming challenge. Here is the release video: This shows you somethingContinue reading “Thymio II”

Using IO Boards for Scratch

Scratch is just great for teaching programming right up to about 14 years old. The normal game projects can be extended by using interface boards.  The first board I like is the Pico board which can be shown in this video: These can be obtained online from S4A is a Scratch modification that supports simpleContinue reading “Using IO Boards for Scratch”

Barefoot Computing project: teacher secondments

The Barefoot Computing project aims to equip primary school teachers with the basic knowledge and confidence needed to begin the journey towards becoming an excellent computing teacher. It is funded by DfE and run in partnership by CAS and BCS. The project is recruiting 2.5 FTE teachers to be seconded onto the project during theContinue reading “Barefoot Computing project: teacher secondments”

Scratch interfacing with LEGO WEDO

The sensors and motor in scatch can all be driven by scratch programming. This raises the opportunity for additional level of programming offered by the base kit. Additional steps include: 1. Having the robot effect a program on the screen 2. Using the percentage factors in Scatch 3. Use the inequality functions to effect theContinue reading “Scratch interfacing with LEGO WEDO”

Automation with Pro-bot

Greens Farms Academy reblog: 35 Beachside Avenue Westport, CT 06880 Josh Burker, Lower School Coordinator of Academic Technology Pro-Bot Josh Burker, Lower School Coordinator of Academic Technology at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut, uses Pro-Bots with third grade students who learn to program in Logo. This year, Mr. Burker started teaching Logo with Pro-BotsContinue reading “Automation with Pro-bot”

Study into the motivational use of LEGO

A Study of Motivation and Problem Solving Using LEGO® Education BuildToExpress™ in Elementary Social Studies Lessons by Cindy Little, Ph.D. BaylorUniversity BuildToExpress™ is a process that focuses on developing academic, social, and cognitive skills in individuals from ages six to adult. The process uses LEGO® Education Expressions Sets that allow for the building of thoughtsContinue reading “Study into the motivational use of LEGO”

robotics teaching tips

This comes from Lego and is really useful as a guide: Robotics Teaching Tips Options ‎10-31-2013 04:18 PM Robotics Teaching Tips – John Heffernan In this section, I pass along some teaching tips and other observation from teaching robotics for eight years. Kids very aware of their schoolwork and teacher’s methods.  Be thoughtful about your methodsContinue reading “robotics teaching tips”

Lego Based Maths Reviewed

This is a review of the potential of using lego to build a maths curriculum: 1. The use of simple blocks and models to create primary lessons There is a huge room for use of Lego in the primary curriculum.  It needs structuring a nd codifying but I think it could be a real hit.Continue reading “Lego Based Maths Reviewed”