Compasses Are Just Great

I think in terms of introducing angles compass work is a great route. Games can be created round compasses where 3 students stand at the centre and the whole class has to stand at different positions.  Every time the students guess an angle that is right the whole class can move.  The person whose positionContinue reading “Compasses Are Just Great”

Maths Balance is a Must!

The sense that the equal sign  “=” means that the two sides are balanced is the most key concept in Maths.  The golden rule in manipulating maths is: ” What you do to one side you to do the other”.  I find this concept is poorly understood even by middle ability y11 students; this leadsContinue reading “Maths Balance is a Must!”

Times Tables Via LEGO

1. Show and build Aspects of times tables encourage the students to add in blocks of 8 and look for patterns 2. Partner Work as a system of testing This is 3d version of times table testing done in pairs.  However the twist interests students: 3. Times Table Model Partner Qiz. Make a model  ofContinue reading “Times Tables Via LEGO”

Books on Exploring Maths

Shape Makers with Geometers Sketchpad v3 £20.00 Special Price! Strategy Games and Black White Counter Set £9.99 Special Price! Advanced Enigmathics: B Number, Algebra and Statistics £9.95 Special Price! The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets £14.99 Special Price! Mathematical Models £12.00 Special Price! Advanced Enigmathics: A Measurement and Geometry £9.95 Special Price! Junior Mini MathematicalContinue reading “Books on Exploring Maths”

Contacts for Science Centres

Science Centre contacts in uk Armagh Planetarium Planetarium and Ireland’s leading centre for astronomy and space science education. They provide a wealth of fun astronomy related activities such as rocket launching and the portable ‘Stardome Planetarium’. Themes: Space. Type: Science Centre. 10 exhibits. Size: S. Opened: 1968. Open: Open all year. Ages: All ages. The Planetarium, College Hill, Armagh, BT61 9DB MAPContinue reading “Contacts for Science Centres”